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Below is a selected photos from Gregory's social media feeds. To see more visit his Facebook page, or follow him on Twitter or Instagram @GregBHutchins.

Gregory with a group of Seniors from Kaiser High School in front of the Supreme Court the day before the March for Our Lives. The Pink Scarf he is wearing was a Plan Parenthood scarf that was gifted to him.

Gregory paying his respects to those we lost on September 11th, 2001. The site above is the site of the twin towers memorial.

Gregory decided to visit the Massachusetts State House to see how it compares to CA State Capitol.

Gregory and his parent on a trip to NYC standing in front of the Wall Street Bull. The Pink Scarf he is wearing was a Plan Parenthood scarf that was gifted to him.

Gregory and a former Kaiser Football Player after his last game. One should always take the time to work with our youth which are our future.

Gregory and his father Rick Hutchins, a veteran teacher and math department chair at Kaiser High School, enjoying father son time.

Gregory completing his civic duty by waking up early on his first day of vacation to attend jury duty.

Gregory Celebrating with his Leadership Pathway team at UCR. They were the only group to completely build Lego Man in the time allotted.

A late birthday dinner celebrating Greg's last teenage year and the start of his 20s.

Gregory and other University Honors Student spreading the word about their program to prospective freshman during Highlander Day.

Another day the office. An archived image of Greg's first internship at the Law Offices of Anthony S. Wilaras. He was given an office by the end of the first month.

Politics is an important part of our everyday life.

Keeping true to his belief that government is an institution for good Greg rarely misses an opportunity to participate in politics. Above are some images of Greg and Congressman Mark Takano.

Above is a picture of Greg's middle niece, his monkey, who made the blanket they are using. According to her mother she spent a lot of time saying I need to make this for my Gorilla. These girls drive him absolutely crazy some times...okay, most of the time. But moments like these make it all worth while. "Thank you Monkey." - GBH

Above is picture at the Riverside County Young Democrats and the Democrats of Corona-Norco Reception for Sabrina Cervantes candidate for the 60th CA Assembly District. Greg was on the planning committee for this event.

Above is a picture of Greg and his three nieces, his three girls, at his UC Riverside Commencement.

Above is picture on his last day in UC Riverside's Political Science Department as an Undergraduate. PC: Nick Hartman.

Above is a picture of Greg and two of his fellow University Honors 2017 graduates.

Above is a picture of Greg and his parents at his UC Riverside Commencement.

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