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""Government should be a place where people can come together, and no one gets left behind. No one…gets left behind. An instrument of good."  -- Aaron Sorkin

Gregory Blake Hutchins is currently a Ph.D. Candidate in the Political Science Department at the University of California, Riverside. His concentrations are in Mass Political Behavior and International Relations. Currently, Gregory’s research interests are in the realms of Race and Ethnic Politics and International Political Economics. In his department, Gregory also serves as the department's GSA (Graduate Student Associaltion President) and their representive to UCR GSA. Additionally, he is also the UCR GSA Advocacy Officer for the 2024-2025 academic year. He also serves as Chief of Staff  and Lead Graduate Student Researcher for UCR's Inland Empire Labor and Community Center. He is also a proud rank-and-file member of UAW 4811  

In addition to his academic work, Greg is the former Political and Policy Director for the Riverside County Young Democrats, he is the President of the Inland Empire Truman Club political PAC, and is an elected ADEM-delegate to the CA Democratic Party from Assembly District 61. Gregory is also a member of the Pick Group of Young Professionals, a network of young community members working towards engaging Riverside to be a better place to live while pursuing excellence in the workplace, where he serves as the Vice-Chair of the Civic engagement committee. Additionally, Gregory is also a Commissioner on Riverside City's Budget Engagement Commission

Born and raised in the Inland Empire, Gregory graduated from Riverside’s Martin Luther King High School, where he began his penchant for public service early, interning at law offices specifying in Bankruptcy and Immigration.

Currently, Gregory is the Head Spotter and Co-Announcer for the Kaiser High School Football team, something he has done since his freshman year of high school. His passion for education and student extracurricular activities is an effort to encourage students to continue their education in any capacity.  

From 2014 to 2017, Gregory attended UC Riverside and earned his Bachelor’s degree in Political Science. He was a member of University Honors and an editor, and eventually Executive Editor, on the Audeamus Editorial Board. During his second year Greg was given the opportunity to create and teach, for two quarters, an R’Course. Gregory’s course revolved around Civic Involvement and why it is important for everyone to be involved in body politic. He also became one of the founding peer-educators for Highlander Against Sexual Violence (H.A.S.V.) in his second year, an organization aimed at educating his fellow highlanders on concepts of sexual violence to combat the many systemic problems stemming from society’s rape culture.

Gregory’s University Honors Senior Thesis was entitled, "Insolvency to Sustainability: An in-depth look into California Bankrupt Cities." The thesis focused on how California municipal cities recovered after filing for bankruptcy. Gregory looked at the relative successes of Stockton and Vallejo to create something of a best practices formula for the City of San Bernardino. Immediately following graduation, Gregory was awarded the Ronald Loveridge Public Service Fellowship, which placed him in a paid fellowship in Sacramento at California State Association of Counties (CSAC), where he assisted with analysis of bills of interest including writing summaries and analyses for state legislative representative and county supervisors on the impacts of said bills. Following his time in Sacramento Greg returned to Riverside and continued his activism and advocacy in the Inland Empire Community.  He earned his Master's Degree in March of 2022. 

In the little free time he has, Gregory spends it with his family, particularly his nieces and nephews. If not with his family, Gregory is a novice hiker and photographer. He also likes to spend time with his Great Danes Blue and Bruno. Greg is always up for a to a friendly game of chess, poker, monopoly, or even a pickup game of basketball. Oh, and if you dare, Gregory is always available for conversations surrounding the reform of power structures to create more equity in society. In keeping with that sentiment we encourage you to read scholarship from more learned academics by visiting POCAlsoKnowStuff and WomenAlsoKnow.

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